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Sacramento Property Alterations, Repairs, Replacements & Maintenance

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Sacramento Property MaintenanceThrough in-house maintenance we can control timing and costs of the necessary repairs and maintenance that are needed at the various properties.

Through the bidding process and relationships with contractors, the building alteration process is handled in a cost effective manner with with anticipated results.

We work for specific property owners and managers. Our mission is to ensure that the life of your property is extended and the property value is increased. We achieve this by providing professional property repair and maintenance services. Our team approach presents a positive attitude, upbeat customer relations, and a safe work environment. We strive to be always available for your service request

General Repairs

Light carpentry, interior and exterior painting, power washing, and roofing. Including the following services, yet not limited to:


We maintain a relationship with a local HVAC contractor for repairs and maintenance of our HVAC systems.


Troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, repair, and installation of lighting, switches, plugs; outlets, breakers and motor controls.


Troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, repair and installation of toilets, faucets, sinks, and water heaters. We handle all phases of plumbing repair; toilet tank kits, dripping leaking faucets and pipes, drain and sewer clogs.

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